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Meet the Founder

Jace Young, our Founder and CEO, is a Western Kansas Farm Kid and Ex-Ag Banker turned Entrepreneur focused on helping American Farmers and Ranchers build an organized, structured, and profitable operation that they can one day pass onto their children and grandchildren.

Before founding Legacy Farmer, Jace experienced the financial collapse of his family's operation in the summer of 2005. He was in high school and living with his parents when they lost everything and were forced to walk away from the family farm that they had dedicated their lives to building.

His desire to become an entrepreneur kicked in following his career as an Ag Loan Officer where he realized that very few Farmers had the financial organization, structure, and systems in place that would help their farms survive and thrive for generations to come. Today, he works to help Farmers streamline the entire financial side of their operation so that they leave behind a profitable and sustainable Farm Operation to their children and grandchildren.

The Heartbreaking Story that created Legacy Farmer

Our Core Values

Be of Service

It’s always been and will always be about unselfish service to others.

Do The Next Right Thing

Do the right things always, without question.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity breeds clarity, complexity creates confusion

Customer Obsession and Loyalty

Our customers’ results are our results, period.

Be Bold

Go All In or Get All Out.

Learn, Live, Lead.

Lead by Example, Experience, and Proven Results.

Meet the Team

Jace D. Young

Founder & CEO

Joni Kremlacek

Head of Enrollment & Business Operations

Beka Morelli

Client Financial Advisor

Courtney Bittfield

Client Experience & Operations

Ashley Fletcher

Tax Advisor

Amanda Holder

Financial Advisor

LaBecca Turner

Client Bookkeeper

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