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Being a Successful Business Consultant in the Ag Industry Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging...

Create the profits and impact you want in your business with a complete, simple, and proven business operating system.
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What is a Legacy Farmer Business Guide?

Since its inception in 2019, Legacy Farmer has helped more than 300 Family Businesses in the Ag Industry across the United States. These operations range from farms, ranches, and custom businesses.

During that time we have tested, retested, and solidified a proven system, process, and tools that will truly help these families build the Legacy they truly desire for their family.

We call it the Legacy Farmer Business Operating System and it has allowed us to provide massive value while creating a business that produces a 80%+ Profit Margin (which is unheard of now-a-days).

Our missions is to help 20,000 Family Businesses in this industry with our Business Operating System and the Legacy Farmer Business Guides are going to help us accomplish this mission while creating an amazing business and life of their own.

If you align with our mission and want to use our proven system to provide massive value in this industry and produce massive profits for your family, then APPLY to become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide.

YES! I’d Like To Apply to be a Business Guide

The Impact and Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Are you an Entrepreneur that has a passion for serving the Ag Industry, yet you’re searching for how you can create the impact you want in this industry while creating the lifestyle and wealth you want for your own family?

Well, you’re in the right place. Over the years of serving more than 300 Family Farms in the US and Canada, Legacy Farmer has created a proven business operating system that allow you to lead the Family Farms you serve to create the Business and Legacy they want.

Being a Legacy Farmer Business Guide will give you the tools, trainings, and resources to build a wildly profitable business (80%+ Profit Margin) and create the life you want for your family.

Your Complete Business Operating System to Help Family Ag Businesses

The Legacy Farmer Business Operating System is a Comprehensive Set of Tools, Systems, and Software that will help your customers find clarity across finances, cash flow, operations, people, and communication.

When you become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide, our promise is that your customers will never have been more clear about the state of their business and most importantly, their direction going forward.

Your Complete Business Operating System to Help Family Ag Businesses

Businesses That Are:
Ag Operations with 2-50 Team Members (including owners)
Growth Minded
Small to Medium Sized
Feeling Stuck and No Direction
Willing to Adapt and Change
Desire to Build a Legacy for their Family
Entrepreneurs Who Are:
Seeking Financial Wealth and Freedom
Ready to make a difference in the lives of Family Businesses in the Ag Industry
Searching for Proven System that Offers Unlimited Opportunities for Growth and Impact
Deeply want to help people in the industry but don’t have the training, knowledge or system to do it.

Help Family Businesses Reach their Goals and Build the Business and Legacy They Want

Training to become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide and having your own franchise is your opportunity to make a huge impact on your clients and your family.
Proven Playbook and Tools To Get The Job Done Right
Work With Leaders Committed To Impacting the AG Industry
Deliver Massive Value And Achieve Financial Freedom

Want To Know How It Works? Watch the Webinar.

In this overview webinar our Visionary and CEO, Jace Young, is going to lead you through what it takes to be become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide. He is going to show you the road map to using our Proven System and Tools to the create the impact you want on your customers and the financial freedom you want for your family.

Massive Value = Massive Profit

It’s time to RAISE THE BAR in your business. In an upgraded world with modern day technology, there is ZERO REASON why your business should only be producing suboptimal profits that don’t produce the lifestyle you deserve.

Becoming a Legacy Farmer Business Guide, your overhead is small, your value is inarguable, and your profits are large. Our guides average 60-80% Gross Profit Margin per year in their business utilizing the Legacy Farmer Business Operating System.

Become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide!



Register for our Overview Webinar to see if you have what it takes to become a Professional Legacy Farmer Business Guide.


Submit your Franchise Application and meet with our Leadership Team for your “Are we a fit?” meeting.

Training Program

If you are accepted, sign your License Agreement, submit payment, and complete your Business Guide Training.


It’s game time! Join our Community, utilize the system, and help your clients. Do Work. Get Paid. Have Fun!


If you think you are a fit, here is the investment.
Start Up Investment
$18,000 One Time
Software Licensing Fee
Onboarding & Setup
Training & Boot Camp
Website & Funnel Setup
Paid Ads Training (Facebook/Instagram)
Sales Psychology & Training
Client Fulfillment and Retention
Key Metrics & Financial Tracking
Access to Warm Leads from Legacy Farmer
Ongoing Monthly Investment
Training Program, Systems, & Processes
Software License
Backend Operations
1-on-1 Coaching & Support
Access to Business Guides Slack Channel
Flat Monthly Investment
No Revenue Based Royalties
Referral Commissions from Trusted Partners

We are Forging the Next Generation of Ag Consultants that are Committed to Delivering the level of Value and Impact the People in this Industry Deserve.

Become a Legacy Farmer Business Guide