The Bank Will NOT Save You

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A clip from one of our Training Programs where Jace shows you the Problem and Possibilities of having the mindset of the 'Bank Will Save Me'.


Problem #1 You Think the Bank Will Save You

Possibility #1 You realize the Bank is a For-Profit Business and like all For-Profit Businesses when it gets to the end of the line, they will do what is best for their stockholders.


Problem #2 You've been Conditioned to Believe That Your Banker is a Trusted Advisor

Possibility #2 You realize your Banker isn't on the Field, but in the Stands [Problem #3] You Avoid the Numbers at all Costs because Deep Down you Fear the Truth of the Numbers


Problem #3 You avoid the Numbers at all Costs because deep down you Fear the Numbers

Possibility #3 You realize the only path to Financial Success and Security is to become obsessed with the numbers inside of your Business


Problem #4 You Shoot from the Hip with every Financial Decision telling yourself everything will Work Out in the End

Possibility #4 You analyze every Financial Decision you make going forward because you realize your Results are found in the Numbers


Problem #5 You Literally Don't Know What You Don't Know When it Comes to the Important Financial Metrics inside of your Business

Possibility #5 You've become a Student of the Numbers because you recognize you can no longer just be a Farmer or know how to Sell a Product


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