Your Ag Business Enslaves You

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Walkthrough this Training with Jace as he shows you the Problem and Possibilities around the topic of Business Finances.

These are REAL life issues that our Members are facing and are leading them to the possibilities of each situation.

Grab your notebook. You will want to write this stuff down!


Problem #1 You have a Business; It's not working and it owns you. It pays the bills and at the same time, it puts you into Slavery and has sucked all the fun out of everything. Possibility #1 You have a business that is at the Leading Edge of your Industry and it Serves You, not enslaves you.

Problem #2 You're confused across the Board with your Business and Struggle to understand Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Fulfillment, People, Process, Systems, Metrics, Legal, Accounting/Tax, Legacy Planning, and Business Insurance.

Possibility #2 You're no longer concerned about your Business working, or making money, as these basics have been mastered by you and the teams you have built around you to support your vision.

Problem #3 You Operate from Scarcity, and most days you're convinced that throwing in the towel and getting a job working for someone else is the answer.

Possibility #3 You've been able to Clear the Game of Scarcity and enter the Game of Abundance and have earned your way into the Land of Prosperity where the money is no longer the primary reason for doing or not doing anything in your business.

Problem #4 Your Business is Profitable every single month, but it demands a Full-Time Commitment Emotionally, and this is taking a toll on you in every area of your life. Possibility #4 You are Mission-Driven and Prosperity rains down upon all people that your business serves and those that serve your business.

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