Our Story

Why does Legacy Farmer Exist?

Thousands of Agricultural Businesses are going out of business every year, some of them being multi-generational.


Families are going deeper and deeper in debt every single year.


The stress of the business is having a massive negative impact on families.


Men and women are spinning their wheels year after year working 70+ hours per week while putting no money in their bank account and sacrificing valuable time with their family at home.


Agricultural Business Owners are burning out and Generational Ag Businesses are disappearing daily.


Who is Jace Young?


I’m a married man. The image below is of my wife, Rachel, and I.


We’ve been married since 2013 and have three beautiful girls that we try like crazy to raise.


I'm a Family Man

Just like you, there isn’t anything I would not do to bring my children a happy life filled with experiences.


I care about my family deeply and everything I do in my life is for them at the end of the day.


My Story: Son of a Failed Multi-Million Dollar Family Farm Operation

I grew up on a sizable Family Feed yard in Tribune, Kansas.


My granddad started the operation back in the 50’s and my father, his two brothers, and his two sisters dedicated their lives to being a part of the family business and helping my granddad expand it.

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This operation got to the point where it was a $10 Million Dollar operation and unfortunately in the summer of 2005, I witnessed the financial collapse of the entire operation.


This financial collapse led to the complete destruction of the entire family. Relationships evaporated overnight and the family went their separate ways, filled with anger and resentment.


My dad invested 40 years of his life into building this operation, with the expectation that one day he would take it over, and found himself 45 years old with nothing and filing bankruptcy.

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My Experience as an Ag Banker

In 2012, after graduating college I began my career as an Ag Loan Officer in Western, Kansas.

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This is where everything changed for me and where I truly began to see the real problems with the Ag Industry as a whole, and the decisions being made by multi-generational Ag Business Owners that crippled their family Legacy.


This opened my eyes to the reality of the problems that Ag Business Owners are facing...

...and this experience led to the creation of Legacy Farmer - Business Training and Professional Boardroom for Agricultural Business Owners.

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The Difference Between Theory and Reality

You see, there is a massive difference in this world between Theory and Reality. When it comes to building a successful Ag Business in today’s world, theory doesn't work.


This was the most eye opening fact I learned while in the bank. A majority of my clients at that time had traditional Ag Business degrees from a university, but traditional education unfortunately is built on Theory, not Reality.


Theory Defined: A theory is a formal idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain something.


Reality Defined: The world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idea or theory of something.


What we do inside of Legacy Farmer is educate, train, and coach based on reality. We train based on actual experiences in running an Agricultural Business and we have the network of hundreds of other Agricultural Business Owners to support it.


Also, reality (the business environment) is constantly changing and the training Legacy Farmer provides our members is updated with the changing environment. Agricultural Business Owners don’t need what worked yesterday or 10 years ago, they need what works right now!


“Sometimes progress isn’t measured in ground gained, but in losses avoided.”

The Truth behind Legacy Farmer and our Professional Boardroom

There is a lot of fake crap in this world today. People and companies that promise amazing results with zero investment, time, and effort.


I want to be clear, that is not what we do in Legacy Farmer and our Boardroom.


We don’t promise our members amazing results in their business with zero investment of time, energy or money. 

We help them earn those results with training, education, work ethic, sacrifice, grit, problem solving, accountability, focus, and...the boardroom.

There is No Such Thing as a Natural Business Owner

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs are not born with a natural set of skills that produce business excellence and success. Great business owners work hard, practice, study, test, think, correct, and practice some more.


None are infallible or perfect, but all are committed to excellence and mastery of the game.


“Building a Sustainable Business is complex. It’s not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.”


- Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway