Customer Stories

“Where I’m at today is so much different than where I was at 4 months ago, and it’s hit every area of my life, not just business BUT business has increased substantially”

Dan Weigel, North Dakota

"I was tired of feeling stagnant and like I wasn't moving forward in life or my farm operation."

Travis Schunk - Michigan

"Now I've done that groundwork and have another $20-50k cash coming in and the opportunity is limitless."

Jordan Kremlacek - Nebraska

"I wanted the training and the knowledge to grow our farm and ultimately grow our income streams."

Karen Livesay Fitch - Iowa 

"Every farmer and rancher needs this to put their life into the perspective of what it can really be"

Lincoln Pochop - Kansas

"I just needed the fire back to move forward. I was sitting still and knew that strategy wasn't going to work." 

Andy Frank, Colorado

"Absolutely do it, it's worth it." 

Corey Schumacher, North Dakota

Elias Stonehocker - Oklahoma

"Legacy Farmer is the best thing we've done."

Derick & Brooke Moore - Michigan