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We help Ag Entrepreneurs Build their Business and Secure their Legacy


To Be of Service: It's always been and will always be about unselfish service to others.

Integrity is Everything: Do the right thing always, without question.

Simplicity Over Complexity: Simplicity breeds clarity, complexity creates confusion.

Member Obsession & Loyalty: Our members results are our results, period.

Go All In or Get All Out: Anything worth doing is worth doing with 100% Focus and Commitment.

Learn, Live, Lead: Lead by Example, Experience, and Proven Results.


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These are just a small handful of our Member Success Stories...

Preston Bowar - South Dakota

Jeff Heinle - North Dakota

Josh Hora - South Dakota

Tyler Mlsna - Wisconsin

Joey Tegeler - Nebraska

Cody Wolverton - Arkansas

Tyler McPherson - North Dakota

Chad Rupple - Colorado

Shawn "Tater" Erickson - Montana

Andy Schreck - Minnesota

Jordan Kremlacek - Nebraska

Brandon Vining - Idaho

Corey Schumacher - North Dakota

Stuart Dill - Missouri

Brett Bullock - Nebraska

Chad Krogman - Illinois

Eric Bream - California

Cory Voss - Nebraska

Ty Seevers - Nebraska

Paul & Lindsey Osmundson - Iowa

Brooks Reid - Missouri

Sam Cunningham - Arkansas

Jamie Lannen - Montana

Ryan Selzer - Kansas

Brad Hanewich - Indiana

Fred Goossen - Kansas

Kurt Demmel - Nebraska

James & Mary Beth Richard - Ohio

Kevin Hoeger - Iowa

Cody Crawford - Maryland

Yes, the women have their own community as well...

Jessica Mlsna - Wisconsin

Amy Heinle - North Dakota

Julia Krogman - Illinois

Kyla Owens - Kansas

Clacy Strout - Maine

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